Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Hey Blogger-Land, I know.. lots of posts today.
i'm making up for lost time - and there is just so much I want to share with you all.

So here is my make-up corner in my bathroom.
It's died down a lot because I was taking up so much room.
The organizer on top is from walmart by the way - 12 dollars !

The top of my organizer has a lot of stuff that couldn't go into drawers,
perfumes, lotions, hair products.. etc. 
I have a lot more perfumes ( i collect them as a hobby ) if any one you ladies or men
want to see my collection just let me know and i'll do that for you aswell.

My top drawer has everything I use on my face. 
ie. concealer, foundations, bronzers, blush, eyebrow pencils..etc.
My second drawer has everything I would use on my eyes.
Eye shadows, creames, pencils, giltter eye liner and mascaras.
The last drawer is my lip products, I haven't been a big fan of lips 
until now and this drawer is slowly, but surely starting to fill up =]
On the counter I have my flip mirror which on the other side can do 10X
And then some brushes.
Here is the first look into my actual drawer. Just my manly pallete, Chi and some bracelets.
Then when you take the palette of you see some hair stuff mostly big items.
In the back of the drawer is all some utensils, like tweesers, eye lash curlers, sharpners,
sequins and fun stuff =]
And then because i have way to much, i had to take up some of ryans space.
which is just more hair stuff, this is mostly small clippies and stuff for lenettes hair too.

Anyways, if you want me to go into a deeper collection of a certain drawer or certain 
make up items just let me know and i'll get on it as soon as possible.

Also, I want to tag all of you to see how you organize your make-up collections ?!

Thats all for now loves <3

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  1. I love looking at people's collections! I'm so nosy lol Perfume collection please?

  2. Oh believe me, she has more perfume then any girl could ever need :P I live with her, I know.

  3. Will do, and What can I say I love my perfume.. Haven't bought any latley because of the baby - she cost a lot of moneys :P


  4. You organize it well. I like your vanity mirror! A new follower here. Kisses from Germany.

  5. Thanks, I try. I had to chuck out so much eye shadow though so I could get new stuff. and now I think it almost needs to be weeded again..