Friday, November 26, 2010

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Varnish Vixen is having a giveaway !
It ends December 5th !!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

TAG organization,

Hey Blogger-Land, I know.. lots of posts today.
i'm making up for lost time - and there is just so much I want to share with you all.

So here is my make-up corner in my bathroom.
It's died down a lot because I was taking up so much room.
The organizer on top is from walmart by the way - 12 dollars !

The top of my organizer has a lot of stuff that couldn't go into drawers,
perfumes, lotions, hair products.. etc. 
I have a lot more perfumes ( i collect them as a hobby ) if any one you ladies or men
want to see my collection just let me know and i'll do that for you aswell.

My top drawer has everything I use on my face. 
ie. concealer, foundations, bronzers, blush, eyebrow pencils..etc.
My second drawer has everything I would use on my eyes.
Eye shadows, creames, pencils, giltter eye liner and mascaras.
The last drawer is my lip products, I haven't been a big fan of lips 
until now and this drawer is slowly, but surely starting to fill up =]
On the counter I have my flip mirror which on the other side can do 10X
And then some brushes.
Here is the first look into my actual drawer. Just my manly pallete, Chi and some bracelets.
Then when you take the palette of you see some hair stuff mostly big items.
In the back of the drawer is all some utensils, like tweesers, eye lash curlers, sharpners,
sequins and fun stuff =]
And then because i have way to much, i had to take up some of ryans space.
which is just more hair stuff, this is mostly small clippies and stuff for lenettes hair too.

Anyways, if you want me to go into a deeper collection of a certain drawer or certain 
make up items just let me know and i'll get on it as soon as possible.

Also, I want to tag all of you to see how you organize your make-up collections ?!

Thats all for now loves <3

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Hey Blogger-Land, So today we got our first down poor of snow.
And it's still snowing, now last year Lenette was to small to even do
anything in the snow.. But this year she is =] 
However with her snow suit on she just kept doing face plants so 
she didn't like it very much ..
Here's all of us playing in the snow - so glad that i don't work
till later and got to play in the fresh snow with my wonderful little family.
Anways, there is a video uploading of Ryan(Daddy) swinging Lenette
around in her swing.. it's the cutest thing. 
And those screams - they are happy. don't worry.

Thats all for now lovies <3

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Hey Blogger-Land, This week has been very He-tick.
As you all know I work at PSF in the floral department,
Well Christmas is our busiest time besides mothers day, and lovers day.
This week we get 46 Skids of 4" Poinsettia's. Each skid has 8 Flats. Each flat has 12 poinsettias. So this week we get 4,416 4" poinsettias. thats a lot of poinsettias. and thats only the 4" ones. We carry 5" and 7" like seriously, that's a lot. And  whole bunch of other stuff also. Anyways.. So here I am trying to unroll all the selves that come on these poinsettias and put them  out and make sure they are watered so they don't die. And Psf is also busy, so because I am  trained on tills (cashier) they pull me up to till. because this week has been very busy because everyone thinks we are gonna get snow and heaven forbid we get snow and these customers have to  leave their homes and go get groceries. So all this week I have been trying to get all these poinsettias out and be on till. it has not been fun.. I was suppose to have tomorrow off but now I work. Blah.
I wish this week was over already. 

Besides the he-tick work life home is great, we just put up our Christmas tree, it's a tiny little fake tree that came pre decorated and I have it on a stool - it looks so cute. 
There is our cute little tree, it has a couple pressies under in that i've already wrapped. The only trouble with this is how do I get my Kitten not to attack it ? I think it's time to  invest in a spray bottle. We will see how Lenette reacts to it tomorrow - I'm hoping better 
than that hellion of a cat. 

Well, I think that's it - talk to you later loves.

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Hii Blogger-Land, So I have two FOTDs. 
Really, its one FOTD and one playing around with new product.
Anyways, lets get into it shall we ?

Here's my actual FOTD. I didn't take any pictures this morning.
other than the look sorry, but for my play around this evenning I did !
OHH btw: I dyed my hair =] Wasn't the color I wanted but hey it still looks good =]

FOTD with my eyes open - I stayed away from black eye linner today. 
wanted to give my eyes a break cuz tehy have been watering alot so I
just you a thin brush a didnt a dark brown eyeshadow (sometimes I use it for my brows too !)

Here's my play around, i don't use blue that often. 
But sissy messed up and ordered two of the same kind - silly girl.
hey?! win win for me =] ! anyways..

For My Face:
  • OLAY - Face moisturizer for sensitive skin
  • L'Orel's Studio Perfections Face Primer
  • Cover Girl Concealer in 710 Light
  • Revlon's Color Stay in 002 Nude
  • E.L.F. Warm Bronzer in 83701 Warm (pic below)
  • Ten Pro Blush in Face 1
  • Revlon's Colorstay Octinoxate Powder in Light-Medium 
  • Cover girls Perfect Points Plus Eyebrow Pencil in 210 Esspresso
Heres what the Brozer looks like opened.

For My Eyes:
  • E.L.F Eyelid Primer in Light
  • Ten Pro Eyeshadow in Eye 1
  • Glamour doll eye shadow in Fabulous
  • Bonebell eye pencil in Milk
  • Maybelline Water proof Lash Stilettos in Black
For My Lips:
  • Herbacin kammille Lip Balm
  • Hard Candy Painted Lady Lip Color in 198 Knock out
Ya for trying new things - again no eye liner because my eyes hated me yesterday !

That's all for now loveess <3

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sissy is having a giveaway,

Hey Blogger-Land,
Sissy is having a give away !
it ends december 10th - enter here <3

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Monday, November 22, 2010

give away =]


Curves Ahead Makeup is doing a give away !
It ends December 6th !

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