Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catchup time,

Blogger-Land, Sorry. So sorry, I haven't made a post.
It has been a busy last couple days. I've been working a lot.
I had my work Christmas party this Friday, and then more work.
So, after all said and done come 10pm (except Friday) I was ready for bed.
Anyways, so this blog is catchup time - and yes I know thats not how you spell
catch up :P ! 

-- At least I thought of you wonderful bloggers in my time of busy-ness and still took pictures =]

So first off, for this I have a a FOTD - I don't remember what day I wore it but I did.
Sorry I did not take a picture of my face products - because well, it doesn't change.
Unless I hear about a new product and have the need to go buy it.

For My Eyes:
  1. Urban Decay Eye primer potion - Eden
  2. HIP Concentrated shadow duo - Wicked 536 
  3. Ten Pro - Eye 1
  4. Maybellene New York Eye-studio Gel Eyeliner - Blackest black
  5. Clinique High Impact Mascara - 01 Black
Theres a better take on the HIP colors, as you can tell I love the gold,
and well the purple is just as good too.

And here's the Ten Pro colors, I used the white, my thumb is on it =]

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of my lips, I was most likely getting ready for work
and forgot about that in my busy-ness trying to get Ryan out of bed and Lenette ready to go to
her babysitter for the day =]

Anyways, enough rambling.. on to the next "catchup".
My sissy purchased me two primers. One was the Urban Decay primer 
which she got me for my birthday. The next was the ELF primer which was just 
because and told me to do a review on it. So over the last couple days (one day was
a recovery so I didn't wear any nice make-up to work (just did my face) I have tested them both
out taken my pictures and thought about which one I liked more.. So lets get into that review shall we ?

First up: Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, I have Eden.
I've seen so many gurus on youtube using this product that I had to have it, 
because I have never owned a eye primer before. Anyways, I love it.
Except for the price. It blends great, and does exactly what it says in the description.
No crease blah blah. And keeps my make-up on all night long.
Before going to my work Christmas party (ya, i got my eyebrows done =] )
and after going to my work Christmas party. 
So all in all, it's a great product. I love it, oh also, if you live in Canada you
can't get it delivered to you, which was a pissoff, but my sister found
ship happens. Which you can get it delivered to there and then pick it up,
If you have a passport (which I don't - in the process of getting one)

Now, on to the E.L.F. Eyelid primer. This is over-all a great product.
My sissy said she couldn't get hers to blend well but I had no problem at all.
The color matched mine. I thought it was a doupe of Urban Decay, and for only 1 buck.
Seriously, how could you go wrong ? 

Here is my before work Pictures, don't you love my color use today? 
I know i do, 
And there is after work, not much difference at all - i think. Maybe a 
little bit of fading but hey, if it's your just day to day then your fine. specially for a buck !
Now, I haven't tried the party all night long test which next time I go out I will for sure
do for you ladies, but i'm sure it will hold up just as well as UB.

All in all, I would totally go for E.L.F. unless your like sissy
who has troubles at blending - which  could totally be your issue if your a newbie :)

Now for the random "catchup"
So here is a random picture of me all ready to go to my work Christmas party.
Don't I look cutee ? I thought so, I had so much fun and won a popcorn maker but 
then traded it with a work employee for a kids wagon that will be under the Christmas tree for 
my baby girl Lenette. Also, another employee gave me her  prize because she had no use for it
which was a quilting set which I will be giving to my grandma because she does that stuff =]

Lenette in her finest moments bugging me while getting ready for work.
She hates when I do my make-up. Because she can't play with it yet.
Sometimes I let her get into my nail polish bin(don't worry all nail polishes are closed)
 and she has a blast.. but makes a mess.

Anyways, You bloggers might be getting a lot of these catchups
My work schedule is all over the place, and personally I hate it.
Plus I have been studying for an exam for the 10th of December 
to become an Insurance broker =] I know, I'll work for ICBC for those of you what
know what that is..don't hate me <3 

That's all for now loves <3
sorry for the really long postt !

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  1. cute, I think i just used too much primer when i tried to blend it because my shadow was not moving at all - i had to take it off and try again =]

  2. prob. you only need like the tiniest bit !