Sunday, November 21, 2010

get to know me,

Hey blogger-land,
So I want you guys to know me. Not just bodaciouscynth.
All you guys see is my face. And Really, I love blogging. 
and not always about make-up - about day to day things.
So you know what I'm gonna do. That exactly.
So if you just want to know about my make-up techniques and opinions.
don't read any further. and just skip my personal blogs =]

Just far warning there might be rambling and so forth - its what I do best =]

So, to get started.. my name is Cynthia, a lot of people call me Cynth.
One of my old friends gave me the name Cynth, all of my family calls me Cyn.
My blogger user name came from my Fiancée Ryan. I wanted to play his Xbox 
so he made me an account and that is what he did. It is also my YouTube user name.

Family, I am engaged, as of October 1st of this year to a wonderful man name Ryan:
 That is the most recent pictures of us. We are cute. 
And we made one hell of a cute baby.

Top view of the ring, yes i know crappy quality. It was taken on my phone
after he proposed on the car way home.
 side view. Its nice. i love it, he proposed on a dinner cruise.
And I started laughing, don't ask why, I just did when he 
got down on one knee. 

This is cutie pie, Lenette, on her first birthday. 
She is an almost spitting of image of ryan. Except for the blue eyes and blonde
hair which she gets from her papa. 

I work a Price smart foods :( I hate it. I'm floral, yep the only good thing about 
my job is I work with flowers all day long. I am studying to become an Insurance broker.
I have my exam on the 10th of December. Which I hope I pass, I want to leave psf so bad.

I have one cat. Her name is Diesel. She is a hellion. no lie.
She will attack your feet in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep
if you have no blankets over them.. not cool. Also she is a pig. Lenette calls her 
Titty. It's super cute.

Anyways, I think thats enough looking into my life for now. 
If you want to know anything else for free to ask.
And again, if you don't want to know me, and just want to know make-up.
I apologize, just ignore and go on with your day/evening ! 

bye bye for now loves.

Ohh p.s. as you all may have guest my sister is: Liquored on Lacquer aka Alley
However, I call her sissy !

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